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Mocksup – Share & Annotate Mockups

March 26th 2010

Unless you are in the same zip code as your web site builder you will likely see some of the early versions of your site via an emailed image. Sometimes this makes it hard to put what you are seeing in context. Mocksup is a new web-based tool that is trying to make this process […]


Ahead – Create a Photo Gallery or Media Wall

March 23rd 2010

Making website building as simple as desktop publishing has long been the Holy Grail of the web. is the latest entrant into this high-stakes sweepstakes.  Ahead brands their version as “workspaces for the creative mind,” and they frequently like to compare themselves to InDesign. But in reality there isn’t an offline equivalent to what […]


Stiqr – Make Simple Graphical Additions to Any Site

March 15th 2010

You’ve just paid a web designer multiple thousand of dollars to finish your site and now you have new graphics you want to add. You could go back to the developer, pay them some more money, and get them to finish the job for you. Or you could signup for Stiqr, a beta web tool […]


Easily Add a Basic CMS to Your Site with Surreal

March 4th 2010

A few weeks ago we wrote about Cushy, a simple Content Management System for web sites that enables sites that have already been built to add features of content management systems after the fact. This week we discovered a new simple CMS that takes the genre a step further. SurrealCMS is a free app that […]


Cushy Dumbs Down the Content Management Experience

February 23rd 2010

Most businesses overestimate the amount of control they want on their web site.  They ask for access to every word, every photo, every comma and then are surprised that their quote from their web company is in the tens of thousands of dollars.  In reality, most businesses only need daily access to just a few […]


Create Custom Maps with UMapper

February 12th 2010

Creating a map for your site usually involves a difficult setup on Google maps or creating a custom map using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Flash.  But a new startup is changing the way maps are setup, viewed and tracked on the web.  UMapper makes it easy to create, manage, distribute and monetize online […]


Grow Your Own Flash Widgets with Sprout Builder

February 5th 2010

There comes a time in the lifecycle of every website where you run out of ideas for how to bring in new traffic.  For years you’ve been graded on how your site is doing against others, and Google Analytics does its best to fuel that fire.  But sometimes it’s about getting your content in the […]


Create Easy Forms With Wufoo

February 4th 2010

If you are like most people, the idea of creating custom forms on your site seems imposing.  Regardless of how difficult it really is, the mere thought of dealing with the database is enough to stop most people in their tracks.  Enter Wufoo.  Wufoo is a custom-form creator that makes the task of creating a […]


Easy Mockups with GoMockingbird

February 1st 2010

No matter what your position in the company is, there are frequent opportunities to show and prove your ideas with diagrams.  There are a number of apps that provide this service on multiple levels, but is among the easiest we’ve seen.  Since GoMockingbird is still in beta they are not charging for usage of […]