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Apollo – Task, Project & Contact Management in One

August 11th 2010

Just when I think the world has had enough project management applications, a new app comes onto the scene and does things a little different. Apollo, which launched in May in beta, is a free project management tool that is available by invite only at the moment. What they have done right is that they […]


Divvyus – Divide Up Group Tasks Easily

August 4th 2010

Builders of web applications always assume that their users want lots of bells and whistles. They assume that everyone will easily hand over their contact info and signup for a free, strings-attached beta of their product. Divvyus has taken a completely different route with their task management software. They don’t collect email addresses, they don’t […]


Track Workloads Better with Stacks

March 8th 2010

We are a huge fan of the Basecamp product for project management and consider it the gold standard. But in all of its simplicity there are some things I wish Basecamp did different. One of those is how difficult Basecamp makes deciphering everyone’s workload. I could use Gantt charts for this, but that typically provides […]