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LucidChart – Easy Flowchart & Diagram Creation

November 22nd 2010

The ability to drag and drop in HTML5 is bringing out a whole other class of apps for the web. LucidChart is one of those that takes advantage of this property. LucidChart is a collaborative HTML5 diagramming and flowchart application that can be used from any device with a browser (even the iPad or mobile […]


Lanyrd – The Social Side of Conferences

September 3rd 2010

Although people are attending fewer conferences than they used to, it is still a big part of the lives of many professionals. Lanyrd is a new startup entering the conference market by closely integrating with Twitter to help you find conferences near you and then stay connected to some of the attendees of the conference.


Tabzon – The Modern In-Out Board

September 2nd 2010

Even the most technologically-advanced companies are still using the manual check-in/check-out board that sits on the receptionist’s desk at the front door. Tabzon is looking to replace that with a secure web app that allows businesses an easy way to manage availability across multiple offices or just to replace the manual board.


MagnaCRM – Manage Leads & Sales Opportunities

August 31st 2010

MagnaCRM is another web-based CRM tool that allows businesses to manage sales opportunities, leads, contacts, and even assign tasks to each contact. The software is complemented with a free iPhone app making this a highly-functioning CRM tool out of the box.


Quote Robot – Create, Send & Track Bids

August 17th 2010

Regardless of what industry you are in you have likely had experience with the black hole process that is proposals. You email off the quote and then just sit back and wait days, weeks, maybe even months for a reply. QuoteRobot is trying to streamline that process with a new web app that helps you […]


SnapABug – Screen Captures for Client Problems

August 13th 2010

One of the most frustrating aspects of customer feedback is the vagueness of the support requests your customers typically provide.  SnapABug takes that problem head on with a live chat widget that helps the user snap a photo of their webpage so that you can see the issue with your own eyes.  Starting at $19 […]


Contextured – Real-Time AdWords Monitoring

August 12th 2010

For many businesses Google’s three-hour delay on AdWords is longer than they can wait. These companies want to make real-time adjustments to handle demand, popularity, and market fluctuation. Contextured solves that dilemma with a real-time monitoring app. If you spend more than $720 per month on Google AdWords then you will only get dinged for […]


Apollo – Task, Project & Contact Management in One

August 11th 2010

Just when I think the world has had enough project management applications, a new app comes onto the scene and does things a little different. Apollo, which launched in May in beta, is a free project management tool that is available by invite only at the moment. What they have done right is that they […]


Crocodoc – Group Annotation for Common Docs

August 10th 2010

There are no shortage of group collaboration tools and Crocodoc’s latest entry allows group annotation of three document types. While there are an abundance of web apps to edit Word docs, it is a smaller group that can also handle PDFs and PowerPoint docs from the same account. Crocodoc has two plans available, free and […]


Flowtown – Track Potential Leads Socially

August 9th 2010

The web today is full of small companies that have built products on top of other small companies.  The newest example is a product called Flowtown that has leveraged social networks and email marketing companies to create a robust way to relook at your contact list.  Part CRM tool, part email marketing, Flowtown hinges its […]